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The KEYHOLE® concept was inspired on a trip while hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.  Several problems arose.  First, people did not have their cameras readily accessible because with a walking stick in one or both hands, the camera swung while climbing the steep steps.  Using a water bottle on top of that was just another added annoyance so the camera went into the backpack and photo opportunities were missed because of the hassle of digging it back out.  Second, hiking and camera safety were huge concerns.  For those who held their camera in their hand while hiking, protecting the camera was the primary concern and hiking up the uneven steps provided an uneven and unbalanced hiking experience.  Another camera safety concern was when Sherpas passed hikers on the trail with their oversized packs on the narrow trail, anything not securely attached to the hikers was bumped, usually a camera hanging on a hip.  


Since the inception of the KEYHOLE® it has been designed and tested extensively for biking, skiing, and hiking type activities. 

It is simple to use and attaches to your own backpack or chest harness shoulder straps, thus keeping the cost low.  


Harness Story


Hiking on the Inca Trail, Peru


KEYHOLE® Hands-Free Camera Harness