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KEYHOLE® SYSTEM Binocular & Camera Harness with Shoulder Straps Description


KEYHOLE® SYSTEM - Camera & Binocular Harness with Shoulder Straps

You Asked, We Listened!
We took our original KEYHOLE® Hands-Free Harness design and added lots of new features.
We call it the KEYHOLE® SYSTEM.
The KEYHOLE®SYSTEM is comprised of a set of shoulder straps (which incorporates a neck strap, distributing the camera or binocular weight across the shoulders rather than the neck) and a harness assembly (comprised of a keyhole shaped cut-out plate).  A specially designed knob (for camera) or bracket assembly (for binoculars) screws into the tripod mount-hole, which in turn engages into the keyhole cut-out.  This secures the camera or binoculars to your body and safely points the lens down rather than outward.  The weight of the camera or binoculars rests in the keyhole cut-out, which further reduces the weight from your neck and prevents the optics from swinging.  A tether strap attached to the keyhole shaped cut-out plate fastens to your camera lens cap to prevent lens creep and is also a lens cap keeper.  To use the camera or binoculars, simply lift up on the device body, disengage the knob or bracket assembly from the keyhole cut-out plate and you are ‘ready’ for action.

Our KEYHOLE® SYSTEM for Cameras and Binoculars features: