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I just wanted you to know that my iPhone 6 Plus with its Lifeproof case fits like a glove in your Geek Pocket. My iPhone is easily removed and put back into the Geek Pocket. I think your pocket is more like a holster for my iPhone. The long velcro strap is easy to grab onto even with lobster gloves on. The annex clips are just amazing with their adjustability. It is an easy on and an easy off. A lot of the pockets out there almost have to be woven into the proper position on a strap if they can be secured at all.

My only minor criticism of your Geek Pocket is that I wish it had more of a protective lid on it with a buckle backing up the velcro. My concern is that your pocket could fill up with snow and or rain with the iPhone out of the pocket. With the Lifeproof case, that is not a real problem. However, it could be an issue for a lot of other electronic devices that are not waterproof.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 with a 10 being the best, your Geek Pocket is right around a 15. Yes, it's that amazing. I can't wait to show it off to some off to some of the staff at my local REI. They have been trying to help me find something that would work for months. Besides, they need to know about your product.

Thanks again for all of your great help. I really appreciated it!



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