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To take a photo, simply remove the lens cap, lift the camera up slightly to disengage the knob from the plate and the camera is ready to use. 

How the KEYHOLE®

Camera Harness Works


The KEYHOLE® Hands-Free Camera Harness is used with your own backpack or chest harness.  If you prefer not to use a backpack or chest harness, please refer to our KEYHOLE® SYSTEM.  

The KEYHOLE® Hands-Free Camera Harness is easy to attach to your backpack, provided you have typical 1" wide webbing running down your shoulder straps.   

Once the camera harness is attached to the shoulder straps, open the quick disconnect buckles to put the backpack on, close the buckles, and cinch all the straps to secure it to your body. 

A piece of velcro attached to the camera lens cap acts as a lens cap keeper and prevents lens creep (see bottom photos).

Our quick-attach sternum strap adjusters simply and securely thread onto your backpack shoulder strap webbing, as shown.  


Take our knob and thread it into your camera tripod mount hole.  This knob engages into the keyhole shaped plate that is part of the harness. 

With the lens cap attached to both the camera and the strap, the camera is now secure and won't swing.


Attaching the velcro strap to the lens cap, when the lens is in the up position, and securing the cap to the camera, prevents lens creep.

KEYHOLE® Hands-Free Camera Harness

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